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Mary Kay Work Experience Review
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I went to one of my friend's parties and I did a make up party. They tried to rope me into working for them since i have the personality. I tend to get that a lot because im easily approachable and so most businesses want to hire me because of my easy going nature. Well, one day out of the blue i got a text about a practice interview. I figure, why not help a friend out. The practice interview was a lie. It was a real interview and i got roped... Read more

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Mary Kay is in the business of selling inventory. Not in the business of helping women. Selling a seasonal lipstick branded as supportive of breast cancer research doesn't make you a great company. What I dislike is that they penalize consultants for selling via social media, yet do not compensate consultants for the enormous marketing they do on behalf of the brand. If you sell your OWN inventory that you bought outright, online via social... Read more

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Lucky it didnt wri kle your face used one tkme now my eyes are wr in nked and infected had to pa k antibacterkal cream ointment under my eyes and above all week. Swelled up purple red skin. Purple can u believe had to pry my eyes open the next day burning sti nging within o e hour of usage consider yourself lucky if your product never came seriosly. I was very well preser ed for my age to just be instantly within24 hours wrinked li k e that i... Read more

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Mi queja Es por una vendedora de Mary Kay su nombre Es Marcolina Gonzalez , me ha mandandote Tex por FB ofensibos y amenasantes no tiene Un vocabulary aporiado mi problema Empeso cuando vi fotos sin rompa de esta Mujer y commentaries *** he inapropiado a demas de amenazarme y acoso , por favor den importancia a mi queja Mary key Es una gran compañia para q Los reprieve te personas de tan mala reputation y poca Etica , Gracias Read more

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My mother just got a text today from a Mary Kay rep who had contact with my fiancee several years ago. The Mary Kay rep blatantly lied and told my mom that she had just been with my fiancee recently and had been told that my mother would love to set up a meeting. These people are way too pushy and their lying techniques are kind of ridiculous. I wish that there was some way to enter a complaint on the Mary Kay website and that these ***... Read more

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One of my friends invited me to go and have some fun with her and some old classmates to this Mary Kay thing. I thought, "yeah why not I haven't seen this friend in a while." You do the entire facial yourself while listening to this sales pitch for almost 3 hours. Then they hound you for phone numbers, ask you personal questions about your financial situation and pressure you into buying make up that I (as I told the girl), a college student,... Read more

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MK user since beginning. Really happy client. Bought timewise 3in one cleanser moisturiser pink heavy cream, six of each. After a while noticed under bright light my face was shining. Then itchy, then lumps face and chest where used. Thought it was mites at first. More appeared I used a magnifying glass and saw silver creatures moving over my face! Researched all over the Internet even morgellans disease. Concerned of infecting others, at... Read more

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  • Mar 17
  • #811567

Mary Kay used to have some great products in 2005 such as lotions like Happiness and Dreamy. Loved them but they eliminated. Can you bring back those 4 mild scented lotions. Every time I really like a product they drop it...including ivory blush Crete to powder. Jan, MK beauty consultant and customer 12 yrs

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 05
  • #784357

I do not sell Mary Kay!! I have never wanted to nor have I ever attempted to sell Mary Kay! However, they write me constantly as if i am a seller. I am so tired of getting thier emails...when i try to contact them..i can not do so as they ask for a password!! How do i get them to STOP!!! UGH!!!!

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Product doesn't work and Mary Kay will not refund money
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I ordered Timewise kit and deep wrinkle filler. I used for 12 weeks and didn't do what they claimed it would. Didn't improve skin or wrinkles. I did return item 1-3-2016 and never received my money back or anything. So that is $245 for products. Do you guy's see any improvement. NO. Needless to say the product was not delivered to me, I had to keep asking were my order was and go pick it up along with returning the product. I did order something... Read more

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