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A local consultant took forever to submit my already paid order. Once she accumulated enough orders from other customers, she submitted all the orders together, and the lipstick i ordered was not on stock any more.

She insisted in ordering something else for me instead of giving my money back. I can't believe what bad representation she is making about MK. Why do i have to beg for my money back? That's seriously unethical.

No more Mary Kay products ever. Period.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Little Elm, Texas, United States #1127538

So, because you had a bad experience with one individual Mary Kay consultant, you're going to completely call of Mary Kay? The consultant isn't the company.

The consultant is her own business owner and she doesn't run it properly, don't blame the product/ company. Instead of writing a complaint and making a great company look bad, try contacting the home office of Mary Kay? They have amazing products and I absolutely love my beauty consultant.

If she didn't live up to my expectations, I would contact Mary Kay or speak to her or try to find someone new. I wouldn't jump straight to complaining online and giving a bad review, I would go through my other options first.

to Anonymous #1129347

Seriously you reps are incredibly annoying. Why sit here and troll on a review site? People like you are why we all run from the "Mary Kay lady" get a life, or perhaps a REAL job.

to Anonymous #1331778

LOL! Oh, how I agree with you.

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