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On 3-17-15 I ordered a lip gloss called teddy bare for the price of $10.00 plus $0.80 tax totaling $10.80 from mary kay from a sales consultant named tabitha patton which i never recieved.I contacted the company on 4-20-15 and i was told i had to go through a process to figure out where was my order.I agreed.I was told to call back in 3 business days to pursue things further.I agreed.I feel like they allowed a thief to sell their product and to represent their company and feel that she (tabitha) shouldnt be allowed to sell anything else because she will either steal whatever you ordered or she will never send your order in and you will be waiting and waiting and would have to go through the same thing im going through.Its not fair and its *** how she can do people like this and think its okay.If she did me this way ...who else will she do this way?...Shes a scam artist,a liar,a thief,and a crook.I am going for a refund after these 3 business days are up and will NEVER order from mary kay again..the photo is my reciept

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What a horrible story! I can believe it though because when the transaction amount is that high, the consultants will sometimes redirect the payment to their own accounts and ALSO pocket the product for themselves.

Sometimes, you will see it on eBay or Next time, don't make such a large order.



I am so sorry you had this trouble, but I promise you that all consultants are not like that. My consultant is very good.

She is honest. She tells me when I should expect my order and sometimes I get it sooner. So please dont stop using the product. It sounds like you need to change consultants.

I have had an excellent experience with not only the consultant but the products are amazing. Call her at 630-687-0311 Kellie.


Yup, the girls who replied are exactly right. First of all, she should never have taken your $ until she was handing you the product.

Like they said-Mary Kay Ash started the company to give Everyone the "chance", and not everyone is honest.

As a former Senior Director, any of us past or present would still take care of you.


I am so sorry that happened and it is NOT the way it is supposed to be. I am currently a Mary Kay Consultant and do have that lip gloss in stock.

I will gladly send it to you because I hate the fact that this happened. It makes us all look bad.

Please let me know if you would like me to send it. I can be emailed at



I am so sorry this happened to you. Not all Mary Kay consultants are guilty of this.

I think it would be better to find another consultant to order your product. It's not Mary Kay, the company, but the consultant. Also, we are independent contractors of the company and unfortunately everyone isn't honest.

I hope that you will order again but from a much more seasoned and caring consultant. I would be more than happy to service you!