You want some info on the bad products..then here you go. In 2014.

I purchased. Over $600 in stuff....i purchased. 4 mascaras becuase they would dry out....my consultant said that was normal and had me order another one. I purchased a spinbrush....that stopped work after a month....and I was told she would look into it....that was almost a year ago.

I had a problem with to much oil after use the tomewise set.....my consultant had me buy othe other produce telling methat my skin was to dry. And I had to trash most of my lip glosses becauhhse the would dry out my lips or they just smelled bad. It also takkes about 2 months to get my order and most of the time I had to drive up to get it.

You tell me product or consultant....BOTH!!! I have changed to Berts bees and I have no problem now....except for all that wasted money!

I know you nor the company will do anything to fix this...I just had to say something!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I would Google and call Mary Kay corporate in Dallas, Texas. If there is a bad consultant or you got bad products, corporate will handle it.


A 600 order means You were a consultant most likely (qualifying order), and you have a Year to return that product (You get 90cents back on every dollar, plus they give you enough bonus product with your 600 order, so that if you return it all, you will GET dollar for dollar back).

You're "consultant" advising you about mascara's is generally what you will hear.

That once opened, you should throw away a mascara (ANY mascara) every 3 months (nothing to do with drying out or any particular brand), but bacteria begins to collect on the brushes-what can I say-I rarely even do it myself (purposely toss it), but then I don't get my oil changed at exactly 5k miles either.

But, just to clarify what She prob didn't even understand she was telling you, and at the very least, she didn't help You understand-That's what she meant about the mascara.

Not sure what Lip Glosses you got (sounds like a limited edition Item that had a fragrance to it (all regular line color items are scent/fragrance free).

But, the bottom line is-She didn't want you to return it and get a charge back on commission, or lose a "team member" (otherwise you'd never have just been a customer randomly ordering $600 of retail product From her).

Call 1800-272-5222 (MK Consultant Contact Center), give them the name of the girl-they can look up her "team", chances are--you are on it (or were)-inactive now. Even if it's been over a year, the company will take it back (whatever you don't want). And, yes-if she put together an order for you...and, ordered the wrong Timewise formula for you (oily instead of normal/dry for example), a simple product replacement done online in 2 mins would have gotten you the correct one sent out to you free.

She had it shipped to Her and took forever to deliver to you. Unacceptable, please notify the company.

And, when they look her up, ask for the name of her Sales Director (and, the number if they'll give it to you), otherwise you can google the director's name and easily get the #. Good Luck-this is shady and Will be rectified.


Agreed the consultant. For one the consultant knows that there is an exchange program where you can exchange a product for a new one to try and you either pay the difference or get refunded the difference so you shouldn't have had to pay anything.

And also if you aren't satisfied they are suppose to refund your money. At least a good consultant does so

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Consultant, for sure. That is not the company.

I love their products and I never have to wait that long for my order. Never.

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