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I went to one of my friend's parties and I did a make up party. They tried to rope me into working for them since i have the personality.

I tend to get that a lot because im easily approachable and so most businesses want to hire me because of my easy going nature. Well, one day out of the blue i got a text about a practice interview. I figure, why not help a friend out. The practice interview was a lie.

It was a real interview and i got roped into buying the $100 dollar starter kit. I did not want that. Everything was moving too quickly. I told them id think about working for them and the next thing i know im filling out this paperwork.

they did not give me time to think about my decisions just shoved paperwork at me. I get this "Thinking of You" lotion that they no longer produce as a gift and they left. A few days later im stressing out about this $100 kit and for a broke college student that is a lot to lose. I texted the rep and tell her that i have done a lot of thinking and i have decided not to work for Mary Kay.

She responds with set up a time to talk so i can get you 50% off. I dont wear makeup and i've told her that in the "practice" interview and the two parties ive attended for my friend. I left the facebook groups i was reluctantly added to and i got messages from the person who runs it. At this point i just want to be left alone.

Its all a headache. A couple weeks later i got a message from the rep saying that the starter kit came in. I tell her i dont want to work for Mary Kay and there is no point in spending money on a kit im not going to use. She says ok.

Then i get a call from the head of the facebook group saying that the rep gave her my contact information (which she did not have my permission to give out) and a message about the whole thing. She wanted to know if i had a moment to talk and i just froze, panicked, and hung up. Then i got a text from that number saying that it was all ok and not to worry about the kit and that no one will contact me again. Im thinking good.

But this morning i get a text from the rep and she is demanding that i give her the "Thinking of You" lotion because that was her last one and she wants to give it to another new concultant. I unfriended her on facebook and i was just thinking, "Hey! Welcome to the team! Heres some used lotion to say Im thinking of you!" Like thats just straight out nasty.

I didnt respond and she's not getting the lotion back. Thats what you get when you lie and manipulate. Also no one wants to recieve used lotion, get them something else. I dont care how rare this lotion is, you dont give someone used lotion.

So gross.

Needless to say, i refuse to go to any Mary Kay parties, or buy their products. Its not worth the harrassment.

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