Moreno Valley, California
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my consultant will not ship my things I have ordered, she wont take no for an answer after meeting for the first time. I did the whole facial thing felt bad so I bought the satin hands she did not have it had to order it.

Was going to meet for some makeup tutorial but I don't have time.

Now my satin hands is in back order and she wont just ship them once she gets them, She keeps insisting to meet up. I just want my things I paid for and also my friend too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mary Kay Sales Representative.

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you say you ordered the satin hands set because you ''felt bad'' after you did the whole facial thing. Cancel the order, she insists on meeting with you so she can work on you to get you to sign up as a ''beauty consultant'' then pressure you intensely to order as expensive amount of inventory as possible.

would at least be $600 but their ideal dream is that you order the $4000+ package.

Mary kay makes its money by selling to the consultants, they don't even bother tracking sales to actual consumers cause there aren't many. Pyramid schemes don't have a product at all so mary kay dreamed up makeup so it is offically not one, but IT IS


If you have not resolved this issue call Mary Kay corporate office and they will help you resolve this issue


If you have an issue that you cannot resolve please call Mary Kay Corporate office. They can refund you your money or ship you your order.


Irene is correct. The corporate return system is on point and super nice representatives