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I want to know how will be business with mary kay

Product or Service Mentioned: Mary Kay Sales Representative.

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it's not a business, mary kay is a pyramid scheme that merely has makeup as a product. the purpose of mary kay is to have consultants recruit more people so that the new member will be pressured to buy $4000+ inventory packages that are useless cause no one wants to buy mary kay makeup.

Mary kay doesn't even keep records of how much the ''consultants'' sell to customers cause the purpose is to get as much money out of the new member and then have more new members brought in, over and over.


You need to be the sales person type. Willing to spend hours making contacts on the streets and having at least 5 appointments a day with the understanding at at least 2 will cancel or will not be home when you show up.

If you are lucky your recruiter will not pressure you to place a huge inventory order. I tried the business 2 times. 1st time lost about 4k on product that i ordered and did not sell.

Second time I was smart enough to return all the product and got my money back. If you decide to do it go with a director that was a solid unit and has consultants who are happy with their business.