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Mary Kay is continually getting rid of good products and replacing them with crappy ones. I used to sell Mary Kay and I quit because they constantly replace good products with ones that are not good.

Like Velocity Cleanser. I have tried the new Clear Proof and it sucks. Wake up Mary Kay and listen to your customers. I called Mary Kay and complained and they did not care.

Over the last 20 years Mary Kay has gotten rid of so many good products like Gentle Cleansing Cream, Mascara, Velocity to name a few and I lost so many customers because they no longer had these items. I finally just quit!!

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Brownsville, Texas, United States #941509

Same reason I quit. I think Velocity came out shortly before I quit and I was already seeing a decline in quality. It's funny that the quality is going down but the price continues to go up.

Humble, Texas, United States #830491

I also sold Mary Kay and when they changed the palets all of the customers make up, shadows and blush's instantly became obsolete this included mine. They offered $10 trade in to pay $60 or more for a new one plus a large investment in née product due the change in shape. This killed my business a lot of unhappy customers I guess they needed to make some money at the cost of customers

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