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I was recently visited by a Mary Kay rep in Little Elm by the name of Kymberly Perry. She sold me some product and asked me to join.

I paid her $350 and she said she would be back, she never returned. This was after she told me that she was a *** and that she was attracted to me. After I refused her advancement and told her that it was sick, she left and never came back taking my money with her.

Has anyone else had problems with her. My neighbor said that she is always promoting her sexuality as a way of getting customers.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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You should have partied with her, you can't imagine the pleasure a woman can give.


Given the sucky reputation MK Corporate has for doing business, I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that Corporate will just say that she is independent of the company, she does not work for them and that they are not responsible for her actions, just their product.


This whole post is strange


The person who wrote this comment is a sick, stalker, who will try to go to any lengths to destroy a person's character and reputation, please pray for this man who is so full of lies, hate and maniupulation. It's unfortunate that he will go to these extremes. I pride myself on excellence in customer service, brand loyality, and giving my personal best as an business owner.


You need to both contact the local police and the Mary Kay company about this.

Since Mary Kay is sould locally - that would be the best way to go. You could probably even file a sexual harrassment suit since she made sexual advances towards you. Good luck!

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