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As a Mary Kay Consultant, I have done a lot of research.I have read the wonderful and horror stories of this business.

I don't provide "free facials" I provide "free consultations" and skin care classes or parties. I do use disposable applicators to maintain sanitation but I also provide real brushes if you prefer and I sanitize them in front of my customer before every use. I never elude to a makeover or facial because women are so upset that they are doing it themselves. I also target women who want to learn how to better care for their skin or how to apply their own makeup.

However, we are required to offer the business and truth be told I am glad someone offered it to me. Mary Kay has saved me from reposessions and homelessness. Because the company, my director, and unit consultant emphasize God, this job has strengthened my faith. I use Mary Kay as part of my Ministry to women, "In the beauty of Holiness".

I'm so sorry so many of you have had bad experiences but take it from a consultant who is listening to your complaints and has adjusted my approach not to be the"Scary Kay Lady". These comments have truly hurt me and I hope these bad experience do not deter you from the products.

Their are some real consultants who really need this opportunity to care for their families and be at home.

(in tears) Mary Kay saved my life!!!Without it I don't know where me and my children would be!

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It is not just a "free facial".I was just finished cosmetology school when I met a Mary Kay lady.

I was asked to be a model for a facial and make over. So could you imagine my excitement because I just learned all this great stuff in school and a professional was going to do a makeover on me. It was not what k expected at all. It is false advertising I was very disappointed.

People are getting lied to. That's not ok.

When I did become a consultant I felt like the biggest liar every time I used the word facial because it's not accurate.Mary Kay teaches you to lie and make it sound nice.


I was a ibc and I will not bash but I would like to point out about God!I think it's a beautiful thing to help women feel beautiful.

I love make up and wear it every day. I joined Mary Kay because I wanted to make a difference but the closer I got to God I realized I was wrong. Putting on make up might up someone's self esteem but is that really Gods way? You need to examine what God says about make up before you throw out that this business is God based.

Beauty is fleeting the Lord says.It's deeper than a face issue .


I'm not a consultant but a very loyal customer of 25 years.I am very upset that Mary Kay decided to quit making a product I used for close to 25 years - their classic/basic formula 2 moisturizer.

I HATE the new product, both Timewise and Botanical. My skin has not reacted well with either. I was told to stock up on the formula 2 but not to worry because the company would have it available once a year for purchase. That was NOT TRUE.

Mary Kay has quit manufacturing it. I have totally given up on ever using Mary Kay again. I used to love my skin and received many compliments. I have tried several other products and cannot find anything like the formula 2 (balancing) formula.

My sister has also been a loyal customer for many years. We are very disappointed that they would take a good product and just replace it like that.

I would NEVER recommend this company to any of my family or friends again.

to anonymous #1279044

I couldn't agree more.I used the Balancing Moisturizer Formula 2 for over 20 years myself.

I don't like the Timewise or Botanical products and neither does my skin. I've tried sooo many other products and have yet to find anything I like. It is so disappointing that a product I depended on was just yanked out from under me.

I always got compliments on my skin and my response was always to praise MK products and advise mothers to start their daughters on it when they started wearing makeup.Never again.


Thank you for sharing your story and experience; I agree - Mary Kay is a great company and is a blessing for so many women.


When you wake up and realize that Mary Kay is stealing your life we will be waiting for you at www.pinktruth.com. We won't even tell you "I told you so."

to www.pinktruth.com Harlingen, Texas, United States #841058

everyone is entitled to their opinion but to bash someone for theirs is wrong.If you do not like a comment than don't say anything.

Maybe her life as a beauty consultant was not the same as yours.Maybe she was smart enough to do it her own way instead of following everyone else.



Read it live it love it.


Yakima, Washington, United States #822734

I am currently a MK Consultant and I knew getting into it that at first it would be a rough start as I do not know anyone.SO the only way a person can make money is not by recruiting other women.

I for one do not force other women to sign up. I leave it up to them and their hearts if they feel the urge to sign up great. If not that is totally up to them. We can still make money by selling just the make up and skin care products.

I agree with the other consultant being hurt by some of these comments.

Especially if they have never experienced being a consultant and only hear it from word of mouth from a family member or friend.Obviously they did not give it their all.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #813570

Oh give me a break.We all know what the free "facial" is.

A lure to get unsuspecting women to fall for the fake "warm chatter" (sound familiar, Mary Kay reps? You know, "I'm looking for a sharp gal to be a face model". And then you get the hard sell and they try to recruit you to sell this ***. You know why?

Because there is no other way to make money in Mary Kay. You will only make money by getting other woman to become saleswomen and to buy tons of inventory because "you can't sell from an empty wagon". The product flies off the shelf? Really?

Total BS. Another sign of shady business practices.

Mary Kay is nothing more than a pryamid scheme MLM.If you can only make money by recruiting people to sell under you, then you are a pyramid, no matter what fake name you call it (dual something or other, I can't remember).

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